Disclaimer: This is for your more jaded dater, if you have been hurt… we can sympathize, we have been there too. This is article is more for entertainment than anything else (publisher does not condone).

Having a system to follow will give you some standards and some guidelines. Make sure to know what you are looking for in a partner and most of all make sure you are being that partner, or at least worthy of that partner.

Don’t worry, you will find the right one.

Dating Program

By Jay T.

 Some people have fitness programs to get them in shape. Well this program is meant to help you men avoid the she-devils and quickly recognize a dud before you spend too much dinero on someone else’s wife. I call it “6 Dates to Find a Perfect Mate.” This program allows men to put their women through a series of tests and determine how they react in various settings. It’ll reveal their true character and you’ll be able to decide if this is worth pursuing.

The cook off 

I might as well get the sexist one out of the way. This may be the point where all you feminists leave, and go protest something that doesn’t matter, like incredible scientists who land things on comets while wearing mildly inappropriate shirts (Don’t forget your signs.) Anyway, this is really important for most men. No, I do not think women belong in the kitchen.

Nor do I think it should always be the woman’s responsibility to cook. I’m simply saying that I, myself, can’t cook. If I don’t find someone who can, it’ll be PB&J, KD, and beans for the rest of my life.

The premise of this date is simple. First, you plan out a meal (dessert too) together. Step two is heading to the store to get the ingredients, and step three is well, the actual cooking. It doesn’t need to be anything too fancy, but let’s see how she performs. If her O.K.A (Overall Kitchen Awareness) is on point, she’s ready to move to the next round. Also, side note, don’t make her do all the work and you men, you better do the dishes!



The swim

I’ll follow my sexist date with a shallow one (ZING!). Guys, this is a very, very important date. The idea is simple; go for a swim. Why you might ask? What’s the scientific purpose of such an activity? Is it to see how they react to the harsh water environment? Nope, to be honest, you just gotta know what she looks like in a bathing suit.

There are any number of settings you can use. It could be at a pool, the beach, or even just a hot tub. As long as you get her in a bathing suit, mission accomplished. However guys, I’ll say it goes both ways. She’s gonna see you, so you may want to hit the gym or do a little manscaping. You can’t expect her to be looking all good while you’re content looking like an oversized pear.

The Group date

There’s a stereotype that women don’t play well with others. Actually, it’s less of a stereotype and more of a fact. Girls have the jealous gene hard. Guys, you don’t want that kind of drama in your life. Seriously. So here’s how you can tell. Avoid girls who don’t have many female friends. It’s an automatic sign of jealousy. If you don’t know her well, I have a solution to fast track the discovery.

I like the group date for a number of reasons. It gives you a chance to introduce her to your boys. Nothing is worse than a girlfriend who hates your friends. However, if she likes them, you’re looking at pure happiness mi amigo. She’ll let you hang out with them, and you can even hang out together. Money. Second, you get to see how she reacts around other women. Hopefully well. Be careful though, don’t assume that because she’s having a good time on the date, that she actually likes them. Girls are great actors. Make sure you take the time afterwards to listen. Trust me, if she’s jealous, you’ll hear everything wrong about those girls all night long.